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Toscano Roman Render is a durable and eco-friendly rendered finish that brings colour and life to all your architectural dreams.

It is the result of nearly half a century of development and use on major public and private architectural projects in Australia, including many heritage listed buildings. It is in high demand from renowned architects , designers builders and craftspeople because of its aesthetic appeal, timelessness, durability and ease of use. For clients who seek only the highest quality materials, finishes and craftsmanship there is no alternative to Toscano Roman Render.

Unlike polymer-based ‘renders’, Toscano Roman Render is made from traditional materials that are environmentally inert. As a result, Toscano Roman Render improves with age and exposure to the elements. It provides a surface finish that breaths: allowing a natural flow of moisture and air into and out of the rendered masonry. It is free from harsh solvents and synthetic polymers and is resistant to the damaging effects of long term exposure to ultraviolet light. The texture and chemistry of Toscano Roman Render means that it ages well; acquiring a beautiful patina with the passage of time.

The ranges of colours we have available reflect the earthiness of the render itself and are achieved using only natural earth pigments. These tones help to unify and strengthen the masonry planes and the architectural details of a building. The surface’s reflective properties also help accentuate the play of light and shadow across a building.


Showcase of some of our available colours


Q. Can T.R.R be used with an acrylic base?

A. Yes. It can be applied to the manufacturers specification.

Q. Can T.R.R be applied by any render?

A. T.R.R is best applied by an experienced solid plasterer with experience in
traditional fine sand and finish.

Q. Does T.R.R have approved applicators?

A. Yes, it can be supplied by Toscano Solid Plastering Pty Ltd or a recommended
experienced applicator of T.R.R.

Q. Can a sealer be applied over T.R.R?

A. Yes, we recommend a sealer manufactured by Sure Seal Sealants.

Meet the Family

Toscano Roman Render was born out of a tradition in solid and decorative plastering the spans three generations and two continents, It is built on a family’s philosophy of achieving the highest standards in their materials and craftsmanship.

Roberto Toscano

Colour Consultant

Sandro Toscano

Part owner

Michael Toscano

Part owner